Artist's Residency Winners Announced

Sarah Rust Sampedro is this year's winner of the Vision Quest Photo Workshops one week Artist's Residency Grant at the Trade River Retreat Center in NW Wisconsin. Not only were her photos excellent but her artists statement and residency proposal were well written, concise and easy to understand. She was the unanimous choice of all three jurors. There is a selection of her images below. Congratulations Sarah!

Winner of a one week Trade River Retreat Center Artist's Residency:
Sarah Rust Sampedro 

We are awarding Merit Awards towards a Mentorship or an Artist's Residency at the Trade River Retreat Center to:

Ken Jackson
Karen Klien
Joseph O'Leary
Mary Ann Reilly
Xiomara Castro

We are awarding Honorable Mention Awards towards a Mentorship or an Artist's Residency at the Trade River Retreat Center to:

Travis Krumholz
Shamir Kansakar
Cecilia Rachal

Congratulations on all the excellent work! Thank you to all who applied.

We saw some excellent photographs but also noted some common problems. Many of the applications had good individual images but did not present a cohesive body of work. Others had convoluted or hard to decipher artist statements with a lot of 'art speak' that used art-world terms that made little or no sense or had any real meaning. Remember - jurors are reading multiple statements and the more succinct and easy to understand the better. We also had to disqualify a number of people for not following directions: some artist's statements were way too long and exceeded the 500 word limit, some forgot to send required documents. It is a good reminder of how important attention to detail is in our artistic life; not just in our imagery but in all that we do.

Sarah Rust Sampedro's photos exploring Art and Motherhood:

All images copyright 2011 Sarah Rust Sampedro

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  1. Interesting work. You should be commended for offering this type of opportunity for folks.