New Year's Day at Trade River Retreat Center

                                 Road in front of Trade River Retreat Center entrance.

                                                 My driveway, lined with snow covered pine trees.

                                 Main cottage, looking towards the river.

                                 Looking towards cottage, from log cabin.

                                                 Adirondack chairs, overlooking Trade River.

                                  Log cabin, looking towards porch.

                                 Stairs to loft in log cabin.

                                  Meditation cushion in log cabin, looking out towards river.

Here are some photos of my cabins in NW Wisconsin taken over New Years. The new snow was beautiful and the cross country skiing was excellent!

Vision Quest's Trade River Retreat Center is available for custom workshops and small group retreat rental as well as for personal retreats. Please call or e mail for rates and availability.


  1. congrats gurú! i am sending some links to your mail.

  2. Hey Doug,
    Great idea..glad you succumbed..kinda like going digital.Snow, record snow, is finally starting to disappear here in our segment of the North Woods.

  3. Doug, I can see why you love it there. It is beautiful and spiritual.

  4. Thats really amazing photographs....Thanks for sharing with us.

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