Doug's Mentor Franco Salmoiraghi

On the last page of the March issue of PDN which I mentioned in my previous post there was also a short article about my experience with one of my favorite photographers and brother-from-another-mother Franco Salmoiraghi, of Honolulu, HI.  Although an extremely prominent artist, widely collected, exhibited and published, he does not promote himself and still stubbornly resists even having a website.  "Why would I want to do that! That way, people might find me. I'm still in hiding." His lack of ego and self-promotion is refreshing.  He continues to explore new boundaries in a new project which is a color series of clouds and sky.  You can see some of his work from the Big Island of Hawaii below, including an image from the sky series. 

Click on image for full view.


  1. Doug,

    So very profound, thank you for sharing! I love this kind of perspective to keep me grounded and at the same time strive to fly high.

  2. OK. i have four salmoiraghi photographs, that were taken in nazi germany back long long ago, you can see the nazi signs on their arms.. My grandfather was stationed in hawaii, along w/ my grandmother. they both passed away. i was searching 'salmoiraghi', and came across this site. The photos are small, black and white, and have his name stamped along with 450 on them. Can anyone tell mem more about it please!@@! if so email me back