Photographer and Darkroom Alchemist Michael Donner

There is a photographer Michael Donnor, that I would like to introduce you to. I first met him as one of my students at Santa Fe Workshops in NM while he was still in college. He then came to the annual Badlands SD figure workshop the summer after graduation. Coming full circle, our next encounter was as my class assistant for Zen & the Art of Photography in Santa Fe. He is a great guy and it is no wonder he did so well there that they have asked him back to teach a B&W workshop for young photographers this summer. Congratulations and continued success Donnor!

Michael's photography has been evolving steadily as well. He is dedicated to his craft yet has a unique style (not just a platitude but his style actually is unique!) and has an energetic vision that is well worth checking out. Here is a link to his website.

He has also opened Red House Darkroom in a barn on his family's land outside of Buffalo, New York. He specializes in custom hand-made wet darkroom prints and is quickly developing a reputation for quality with a nationally recognized client base.

Here are a couple samples of his photography, but do go to his website to see more.


  1. Hi Douglas! how are you?
    today and saw a note about your photos in a magazine that is published in my country [Argentina] and intrigued me your work. Today into your web page and truth are amazing I love your work light you work with the tones of the photographs and how much they reflect and inspire, at least to me as a photographer.

  2. Hi, nice blog. I just wanted to inform you that the image at the top is not by Michael Donner, it is by Lori Vrba.

  3. I was going to say the same thing. The top is image is definitely by Lori Vrba.

  4. Yes, Michael Donnor was Lori's darkroom tech and was the printer of that image. I mistakenly thought it was his. Sorry for the confusion...