'Graphic Recording' of my New York Open Center talk

In January I gave a talk about my photography at the New York Open Center in Midtown Manhattan, where I was also teaching a Zen & the Art of Photography workshop. In attendance that night was Heather Willems, once a photo assistant I worked with on a large annual report travel assignment several years ago. She was and still is a very talented photographer but she is now also doing 'graphic recording' of meetings and events for numerous corporate clients and events. During my slide show/lecture she made the amazing graphic drawing above, taken from her imaginative interpretation of things I said, images I showed and questions people asked.

Here is a link to her Line By Line blog.

To see this fantastic drawing in a larger, easier to read, format visit Heather's Flicker site.


  1. It's fantastic! Graphic recording of events and meetings. What a great concept

  2. Very cool! And a really great piece showing your thoughts on photography.

  3. This is very neat to see in person and very large. There is so much detail to it!